Pamela Farmer of Decatur, Alabama has been doing portraitures of various well-known people of Hollywood Film and TV and music fame for many years.  They include such characters as "Barney Fife" (Don Knotts) and "Otis Campbell" (Hal Smith) of The Andy Griffith Show, "Jed Clampett" (Buddy Ebsen) of The Beverly Hillbillies, film legends as Jean Harlow, Marlena Deitrich, James Dean, Pamela Anderson and music icons such as Dolly Parton...more

This site gives you the opportunity to view her work.  You may also Order Prints Online of her artwork.  Buy several of your favorites and hang them in a prominent place in your home or office for a unique decorating touch.  The portraits make awesome gifts for a special fan of the celebrity.

She is also available to do portraitures from a photo for your family member or friend.  Please contact her for more information.